How Broadcast Journalists Can Tell Compelling Human-Interest Stories
OTA Talent Web Team - June 7, 20244:30 PM
A woman in a red skirt suit holds a mic in front of a house beside an orange van reading “BREAKING NEWS,” highlighting how human-interest stories can arise from breaking news as well.

The world of broadcast journalism is driven by facts and figures, but the most impactful stories often go beyond the headlines. Human-interest stories have the power to connect with viewers on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impression and creating a sense of empathy. In a fast-paced news cycle dominated by breaking news and political discourse, mastering the art of crafting compelling human-interest stories can set you apart as a broadcast journalist and help you achieve your dreams of being an industry-leading journalist.

With years of journalist placement expertise, we know just how you can tell captivating human-interest stories that get you noticed.

The Power of Storytelling

At the heart of every compelling human-interest story lies a powerful narrative. Human beings are hardwired to connect with stories. They allow us to step into someone else’s shoes, understand their struggles, and celebrate their triumphs. Our talent management services will tell you that as a broadcast journalist, your job is to weave a captivating narrative that draws viewers in and makes them care about the story.

Finding Unique Angles on Current Events

Not every human-interest story needs to be completely separate from current events. Look for opportunities to add a human touch to ongoing news stories. For example, a report on a new education policy could be enhanced by interviewing a student whose life will be directly impacted by the changes.

Go one step further and think beyond the obvious. Don’t just focus on the people directly involved in the news event. Explore the ripple effects and human stories on the periphery. This approach can reveal a deeper understanding of the event’s impact on the community and may even get you noticed by an MMJ hiring agency.

A person with a red microphone interviewing another person on a street

Connecting with Viewers on an Emotional Level

Human-interest stories are all about creating an emotional connection with viewers. This doesn’t mean sensationalizing the story or manipulating emotions. Instead, focus on genuine human experiences. Here’s how:

  • Highlight the resilience of the human spirit: Showcase individuals overcoming challenges and finding hope in difficult circumstances.
  • Celebrate everyday heroes: Look for stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things within their communities.
  • Empathy is key: Industry-leading journalistsapproach interviews with compassion and respect, allowing the subject to share their story in their own voice.

The Art of Interviewing

Powerful human-interest stories often hinge on impactful interviews. You can conduct these by:

  • Paying close attention to the interviewee’s words and nonverbal cues. Listen not just for information but also for underlying emotions and potential story threads.
  • Encouraging the interviewee to elaborate on their experiences and feelings. This allows for a more personal and engaging narrative.
  • Respecting boundaries and being sensitive to the interviewee’s comfort level and privacy.

Telling Stories that Matter

By honing your storytelling skills and focusing on the human element within news events, you can craft human-interest stories that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impact. Remember, the most powerful stories are often the ones that connect with us on a personal level. In a world saturated with information, your ability to tell these stories can set you apart as a broadcast journalist in the reporter talent search.

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